Hi everyone and Happy New Year. Yes it’s a bit late, I haven’t had a great deal to say so I haven’t said anything. Today however, I have something to say.

I’m getting a bit tired of all the dog theft posts I keep seeing on Facebook and Twitter. With just a little investigation most of them are shown to be scare mongering hoaxes. One I looked into had been reported in exactly the same text and format from as far apart as England, holland, Russia, USA and Canada. The headline grab isn’t DOG STOLEN it’s GANG USES STOLEN DOGS FOR DOGFIGHTING. What a load of bolocks. The headline got you here didn’t it?

Yes dogs are stolen but if you check the breeds that are going missing you will notice a pattern. The majority of breeds that are stolen are the little handbag type yappies as they are very easy to resell. You will also notice a lot of the show-off type breeds like Akitas and Huskies, again because of their resell value.

No Staffordshire Bull Terriers are being stolen as they are unfavourably common and the resell value is nil, A Staffy pup can be picked up for nothing on Facebook so why go steal one? And if you were using dogs for dog fighting, surely you would want something that would at least exercise your mighty K9 destroyer and not run the risk of it chocking on poopoo’s diamanté collar.

This problem is an extension of the “Backyard Breader” issue. If you had to be licensed to breed dogs then you wouldn’t have all of these unqualified idiots letting two dogs shag then trying to sell the pups for a grand a time.

I am the owner of a large thorough bred dog and I got her at 6 weeks old. As soon as her first season had ended I had her spayed. So many people said to me “you could get £500 per pup from her”. My opinion is that if you had to have a certain qualification to get the breeder license, you would cut down on the backyard breeders, you would then cut down on the amount of unwanted dogs going to the RSPCA and other dog rescue centres.

I also think that bitches should be spayed and dogs should be neutered as a matter of course. There is no need for the animal to have the reproductive ability if you are not going to breed from it. If you didn’t have the license to breed then you wouldn’t be allowed to anyway.

Yes I can hear a lot of voices saying “it’s my right to choose” but no it isn’t, it is proven that neutering helps in the majority of cases to reduce aggression in dogs and spaying reduces the risk of certain cancers in bitches. If you want to breed from your own dogs then you would need a license. The penalty for unlicensed breeding should be all animals removed from the home and a complete ban on keeping an animal, no matter how small, for 10 years. It would need to be harsh to enforce it. A mandatory 2 year prison term for those who ignore the ban with their assets being seized to pay for their prison stay would reinforce how we as a nation feel about or four legged buddies.

To get such licenses, as I mentioned earlier, one would need to gain some form of dog husbandry qualifications. This would also eliminate things like interbreeding and would go a long we to reforming the Kennel Club (KC). The KC actively ignore Father/Daughter, Mother/Son and Sibling/Sibling inbreeding to the point that many many breeds of dog are unrecognisable from their original strains. Along with this inbreeding comes the inevitable health issues.

In German Shepherds for example you see Hip Dysplasia and Elbow Dysplasia. This results in the hind quarters of the dog colapsing. In King Charles Spaniels you see Syringomyelia. This is caused by the skull being to small for the brain and has been proved to cause the animal serious suffering. Who in their right mind would allow someone who is willing to do this to a dog to become a breeder or a judge at a dog show? Let alone be responsible for a dogs welfare.

There are other stories of a property being marked with coloured stickers on the garden gate or the letter K being chalked on the path outside a house that contains a desirable dog. Again there have been reports of this from all over the world on social media but no official Police reports have been filed.

So please, please, please. Before you go and click SHARE, have a quick look on Google and see if the subject you are about to pollute my timeline with has been hoaxed. If it has, the chances are you are going to look a bit silly at best, at worst you could be distributing false or illegal information and you could leave yourself open to ridicule or even prosecution.

I feel better for that.

Thanks for reading
Craig xx


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